2k Likes on Facebook!

2k Likes on Facebook!

W’re pretty stoked to see 2k people actually like us. We’d love to see more! Thank you everyone who has liked our page & done business with us. If it wasn’t for you, we’d be nothing!


Check out our selection of Victory apparel

Check out our selection of Victory apparel

We have some great Victory swag in-store. Come by & check it out! Or if you don’t live near by, check out our parts section in our website. http://www.grandprixmotorsports.com/category.asp?prodtree=0

On Track How To: Corners with Ryan Hughes

Some pointers from Ryan Hughes!

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In a sport where a fraction of a second here and there is the difference between first and fifth. no one could break it down better than long time veteran of the sport, motocross coach, and the man behind Ryno Power, Ryan Hughes. “Ryno” takes you through the three key parts of executing a perfect turn as well as five steps to remember while cornering to make you a faster rider. Watch as Ryno and his riders Axell Hodges and Dean Wilson show you how its done.
Check out more at http://www.motosport.com/home

Credit: MotoSport.com

Credit : Vital MX

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9 Reasons why the Yamaha R25 will be Worth the Wait

This bike is sexy…


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About a month ago, Yamaha finally answered the prayers of enthusiasts worldwide by unveiling the prototype of their forthcoming R25 supersports motorcycle at the 43rd Tokyo Motor Show. It couldn’t have come sooner for them, because Yamaha is the only major manufacturer that’s missing from the international quarter liter game now. The ball that has been set rolling by Kawasaki with the excellent Ninja 250R has been gaining steady momentum with Suzuki, Honda, KTM and even Hyosung offering their own products, in diverse styles and engine capacities. And with good reason too. In Europe– a sizeable market for sporty motorcycles like the ones we’re discussing – bikers over the age of 19 are restricted to a peak power output of 47bhp and power-to-weight ratio below 0.26bhp/kg under the A2 license regulations. The story is much simpler in India though: you either have a learner or a full driving license, both…

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