Faster does not equal warmer

Please! BRING BACK THE SUN! This winter season needs to end!

Motorcycles and the Cynic

Winter in the San Francisco Bay Area doesn’t mean the same thing as most of the USA. For most of the country it means snow, ice and no motorcycling. For me it just means cold and rain, which not nice to ride in, doesn’t make it impossible. It just makes it damn uncomfortable.

A little while ago it got really cold (for the Bay Area) and we even had sub freezing temperatures. I actually did not ride for a couple of days because of the extreme cold (and the black ice) but as soon as it warmed up a bit I was back on the bike. One morning as I got onto the freeway in my predawn commute to work realized it was much colder than I thought it was and that I knew I was going to have very frozen fingers by the time I got to work. I’ve…

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